First Travel Bug Found: Ball of Chain as Team Muppet
First Coin Found:
Chilibuster GeoCoin #95 as Team Muppet
First Official Geocoin Found:
Compass Rose Geocoin as Team Muppet
First White Jeep Found:
White Jeep Travel Bug “Barnett” as Team Muppet
First Yellow Jeep Found:
Jeep 4×4 #2503 as Team Muppet
50th Travel Bug Found:
fedyone # 1 as Team Muppet

Milestone Finds:
First Find:
CoCPLC2: On The Top (BC)
25th Find: When Harry Met… Kay? – GCK0CD (BC)
50th Find: For the Love of Caching: February Meet & Greet (BC)
75th Find: Cache Blitz: Between a Bowl & a Ball (BC)
100th Find:
The Travel Mug Hotel – YLHD (Alberta)
150th Find: Box City Corral (BC)
175th Find: Wrongway’s Return (BC)
200th Find: Don’t Panic (BC)




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