Favorite Geocache Entries

Finds as Team Muppet:

British Columbia – Monday, January 02, 2006
Team Muppet found CoCPLC2: On the Top (Traditional Cache)

First find for Team Muppet!
Pretty ingenious location, loved the find.
There were quite a few muggles around, but they paid their parking lot tickets and walked off.

Another muggle-ish male was walking back and forth around the location carrying a black bag. He may have been a fellow Geocacher.

Once we located the cache after about 15 minutes of muddlign around waiting for the perfect opportunity to pounce.

Gonzo (aka Geoffrey) was the one to find the cache. Quick dash to the van to sign the log, and a couple of quick pictures. Returned the cache to its place, and took the picture attached.



British Columbia – Saturday, January 14, 2006
Team Muppet found Postcards From Ladner — Saturday (Unknown Cache)

Kermit listen for directions? BAH! I knew where we going, really, just a little further down this road, see it’s right here… uh, maybe… ok, no, it’s this way, down over here, yeah, it’s just up this driveway, no, actually I mean that one… OK OK OK, Beth which way? Ms Piggy, does this spot look like the picture? Yeah it does Kermit… see the two no parking signs, and the gate, exactly like the picture Ok, so we didn’t actually find the cache, but we did find the location. And so did the Delta Police who were making their rounds. Got the whole “Geocaching? What’s that?” TN, L:Team Muppet Calling Card, SN. Will email for final missing coordinates. Last cache for the day, going 11 for 12 overall.


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