25 Random Things About Me

3 02 2009

I received this from a friend of mine on Facebook, thought I’d share it here too!

1. My full name is Marc Marcel Joseph Bruyere.

2. I have lived in Montreal (Longueuil), Petawawa, Calgary (twice), Victoria, Vancouver, Richmond, Marpole, Queensborough, Surrey, Newton, and now New Westminster.

3. I love Lego!

4. My favorite writer is David Eddings.

5. I don’t make friends easily, uneasy around new people, stay mostly quiet.

6. Worked as a dishwasher, line cook, roller skating official, limousine washer, black jack dealer, roulette dealer, carribbean stud poker dealer, sic bo dealer, red dog dealer, pit boss, security officer, karaoke host, disc jockey, bar manager, bartender, shipper/receiver, web graphic designer, warehouse worker, forklift operator, general manager

7. I have quit smoking I can’t remember how many times.

8. Once shaved my head nearly bald.

9. Broke my left pinky finger in two places while playing Roller Hockey. Did not heal properly.

10. Still have my roller skates.

11. I have my own bowling ball, shoes, wrist guard and bag.

12. Love painting and assembling Miniature figure dioramas.

13. I wear a size 9-9.5 size shoe.

14. I love country music.

15. My father passed away when I was 13.

16. My first pet was a black lab named Pooper, cause he pooped everywhere.

17. I once owned a hamster named Lucky, cause he lived 2 years.

18. I love Geocaching.

19. My usual bedtime during the week is no later than 11pm.

20. I once wanted to open my own bar/club named the “Cave In”

21. I feel comfortable talking about things I love, I can ramble on and on some times.

22. I used to watch Wrestling every opportunity I got. Stopped watching when they went to WWE.

23. I wore some really hideous glasses while working at Great Canadian Casino. Strained a nerve in one of my eyes looking down the table as a Pit Boss, so I had to.

24. I used to play Magic, a collectible card game with friends from the casino. I miss those days.

25. I have never gotten into a fist fight, except for in grade 6, when the school bully punched my lights out.

What are yours?




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